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Looking for Alice (ARPS Panel)

Looking for Alice Project, doll

Looking For Alice

This project was first conceived for the my Foundation Degree final year at the Arts University Bournemouth.  I amended it in 2013 to put it forward for the Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society.

Statement of Intent

This doll dates from 1875 and once belonged to my great-grandmother Alice, who was born the same year.I planned to use the doll to explore the idea of her searching for her “doll-mother” as inspired by the children’s novel ‘Lady Daisy’ by Dick King-Smith.

This sequence of images begins when the doll wakes in an unfamiliar contemporary world and ends with her finding Alice’s final resting place, realising that she has nothing left; there is no reason to continue. By incorporating a number of Alice’s possessions and a glimpse of her former home, I follow the doll on her journey of search and reflection in which the viewer is allowed to intrude into her private world.

My intention was to bring the doll to life and I hope I have achieved that.

ARPS Panel Hanging Plan