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Looking for Alice

This pictorial book is based on my final year Foundation Degree project.  It is about a doll, once owned by my great grandmother, Alice.

Alice was born in 1875 at Westminster, London but spent her life in Tottenham.  Her doll was made in Germany also in the late 1800’s and spent her early days in Tottenham with Alice and then Alice’s daughter, Grace Kille.  Alice died in 1923.  The doll spent the rest of her days in Dorset, looking for Alice.

The book is hardback and contains 19 colour plates of original photographs.

It was launched at The Gallery Upstairs, Upton Country Park, Poole between Aug 24th and Sep 3rd during my joint Exhibition with Kym Cox, Pop Goes Reality!  The doll was present in the cabinet and attracted some attention from children, who  liked her and some adults who found her spooky!

Limited to 100 editions, it is priced at £16.00 (incl. p & p).  Please email me if you are interested in a copy or buy one from my shop.

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