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Pop Goes Reality! Exhibition at the Gallery Upstairs August 2018

square mandalas

Open daily 10am – 5pm

23rd August  – 3rd September 2018


Announcing a joint exhibition combining fine abstract art with science at the Gallery Upstairs, Upton Country Park which aims to have something for adults and children alike.

Kym Cox (ARPS, ABIPP) works with bubbles for Art + Science. She will be exhibiting her foam bubble photography and explaining how her structures are formed.


Kym Cox
Colour photograph showing soap bubbles with light interference patterns and colours.  © Kym Cox


Alongside these I will be exhibiting my first collection of abstract photography; square Mandalas, which incorporate the psychological phenomenon of Pareidolia, the ability to see faces in unusual places.

Come along and see how many faces you can see and perhaps get mum or dad to buy a nice piece of art at the same time!


square mandalas
The Bracken Awakes


In addition to all this, I will be launching the first edition (limited to 100) of my book ‘Looking for Alice’ which is based on my project of the same name; a pictorial story about a Victorian doll searching for her owner.

More about the book


book book

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